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Babies Sheepskin Slippers

Baby and Toddler slippers now available in black.

Babies SHEEP SKIN slippers in a range of baby colours from birth to two years, made from New Zealand sheep skin and wool. 

Kiwi Kraft NZ wool slippers are lovely and warm and made to fit the smallest of feet. A great gift for a grandchild, friend or even for your own newest addition.


Babies Kiwi-Feet  Age 0-12 Months

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NZ$19.50 per pair 

Toddlers Kiwi-Feet  Age 1-2 Years - 14cm

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NZ$27.50 per pair

Babies Kiwi-Feet Uggs    Age 6-12 months

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NZ$26.50 per pair  

Toddlers Kiwi-Feet Uggs    Age 1-2 Years - 14cm

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NZ$32.50 per pair 


Quality hand made New Zealand Sheep Skin Slippers


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